AAV Manufacturing Services

  • Research, Tox and cGMP Viral Vector manufacturing
  • Research, Tox and cGMP Plasmid manufacturing
  • DS and DP
  • Fill/Finish with custom packaging solutions

What Does the Production Process Look Like for AAV?

Transient transfection is the most commonly used strategy in clinical-grade manufacturing of viral vectors. In this strategy, plasmid DNA is inserted into a mammalian cell for replication. Once those two elements are inserted, mammalian producer cell lines essentially become a factory to produce more AAV vectors.

Stable cell lines have been reported to produce high AAV vector genome particles per cell. The production of stable cell lines is carried out by generating stable engineered cell lines by introducing both regulatory and structural caspid genes or the rAAV genome. AAV viral vectors are manufactured by packaging cell lines following transfection of the AAV construct and co-infection using a helper virus like the adenovirus via a single infection with a recombinant helper viral vector containing the rAAV genome.

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Why Choose Andelyn Biosciences for AAV Manufacturing?

With over 20 years of experience in viral vector manufacturing, Andelyn Biosciences’ platform manufacturing capabilities are paired with a mission to provide life-changing  therapies for incurable diseases as well as rare disorders. By partnering with Andelyn Biosciences you ensure reliability, scalability and platform expertise to accelerate the development and manufacturing of innovative therapies to bring more treatments to more patients.