From challenge to triumph: how an experienced CDMO can supercharge your biotech journey

The biotech landscape is undergoing rapid evolution driven by breakthrough discoveries in genomics, precision medicine, and gene editing, which are revolutionizing the way we understand and treat diseases. These therapies have the potential to reshape healthcare on a global scale. Realizing this promise and bringing them to market requires collaboration and innovation across the value chain.

In the field of cell and gene therapy, companies often face complex challenges that necessitate partnering with a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO). Developing and manufacturing these advanced therapies requires specialized expertise, state-of-the-art facilities, and adherence to regulatory standards. Ensuring scalability and maintaining consistent quality can be addressed by a CDMO with expertise in the field. Staying ahead in this rapidly evolving landscape requires adaptability and aligning with forward-thinking experts within the field.

Andelyn Biosciences, a trusted name in biotechnology, has established itself as a leading manufacturer of quality products. Through research, development, and manufacturing, Andelyn has consistently delivered groundbreaking therapies with a commitment to advancing global healthcare. With Andelyn’s new 180,000 square ft. facility for clinical and commercial manufacturing, Andelyn is asserting itself as a quality-driven concept-to-commercialization CDMO, with full capabilities to accelerate gene therapies to the market.

In a recent webinar, Matt Niloff, Chief Commercial Officer of Andelyn Biosciences, discussed Andelyn’s cell and gene therapy capabilities in developing, characterizing, and producing viral vectors for gene therapy. The webinar details Andelyn’s versatile capabilities, including its cGMP manufacturing capacity for adherent and suspension processes.

Watch the webinar below to find out more.