Partnering for Scalable Suspension Processes Tailored to AAV Gene Therapies

Partnering for Scalable Suspension Processes Tailored to AAV Gene Therapies

Crafting scalable suspension processes for adeno-associated virus (AAV) therapies presents intricate technical and business hurdles. The shift from adherent platforms to suspension and the subsequent scaling for commercial viability pose significant challenges for biotherapeutic companies. These challenges range from:

  • Selecting the right cell line
  • Media choice
  • Downstream processing methods
  • Harvest timing
  • Parameters for effective transfection
  • Achieving optimal DNA ratios

Selecting the right manufacturing partner is pivotal in overcoming these obstacles.

In this eBook, Dr Samir Acharya of Andelyn Biosciences explains the core attributes and expertise needed from a partnership with a Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) to ensure success in suspension scaling for AAV projects.

In particular, an ideal partner is equipped with expertise in multiple areas of AAV production, including:

  • Optimizing unit operations
  • Maximizing yields while upholding quality standards
  • Offering adaptable production capabilities to meet evolving client needs

Embodying all these essential attributes, Andelyn Biosciences emerges as an ideal gene therapy CDMO.

With a wealth of experience supporting AAV therapies across preclinical to commercial stages, Andelyn excels in both adherent and suspension processes. Over two decades of pioneering AAV development via adherent platforms have seamlessly transitioned into an effective AAV suspension platform, ensuring unparalleled quality and yields across various scales — from 125-milliliter flasks to 2,000-liter bioreactors. Discover how partnering with Andelyn can harness the expertise and capabilities needed for optimal AAV suspension processes and the commercialization of your project.