The Use of a Proven AAV Platform to Drive Down Program Costs and Maximize Speed

The Use of a Proven AAV Platform to Drive Down Program Costs and Maximize Speed

The potential of cell and gene therapies (CGTs) to address complex and rare diseases has led to an increasing interest and development of products in this space. However, this progress necessitates adept navigation through evolving regulatory landscapes, especially concerning adeno-associated virus (AAV) development and manufacturing.

Effective strategic collaborations are key to navigating this landscape to produce safe and efficacious therapeutics. In particular, the expertise and experience gained from partnering with a Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) has become pivotal for sponsors initiating their AAV journey. 

This expertise in AAV manufacturing — spanning from research to commercial scale — is a defining factor in success and will differ between CDMOs. As you embark on your quest for the ideal AAV manufacturing partner, understanding the core attributes of an experienced CDMO becomes imperative.

Andy Moreo, Head of Process Development and Preclinical Manufacturing at Andelyn Biosciences delves into the complexities of AAV manufacturing and considers the essential attributes and approaches to take when selecting a CDMO partner. This guide covers: 

  • The right questions to ask to identify the best CDMO partner for your needs
  • How to establish a strong and high-quality partnership for AAV manufacturing
  • Recognizing the pillars of an established platform and using it to ensure quality and leverage optimization to improve timelines.

Explore how a proven AAV platform and seasoned CDMO partnership can significantly reduce program costs and expedite timelines for your groundbreaking therapies. Fill out the form on the right to unlock the insights.